Researcher, educator, manager, poet, writer, translator, sculptor Turgut A. Akter has completed the work of the Turkish Theater Corpus in 1955, continuing it until today. This corpus covers the period 1936-1991.

From Muhsin Ertuğrul to Leylâ Gencer in Ankara and Istanbul; From Bedia Muvahhit to Suna Korad, with many artists, critics, directors, writers, managers, costume costumes, stage accessories, music contributors, light protectors, technical support services; In addition to these, he had interviews with the presidents, Mr. Kenan Evren and Mr. Süleyman Demirel, as well as the ministers of culture, deputy undersecretaries and general managers.

The study, which covers the years 1936-1991 and was made to examine the Turkish Theater Corpus, is ready for printing and is in 36 books. These works, which will shed light on Turkish history as theater works, are a unique treasure supported by documents and are of value. Audio recordings of the interviews are in Mr. Akter's archive.

These works, which Mr. Akter started with Muhsin Ertuğrul in 1955, have continued until today and have been presented to the art world.

He went to Germany in 1958 and to the USA in 1959 to imprison his higher education. Just before he left Turkey, his first book “Theatre in Istanbul” was published in Ankara by Vehbi Özbek.

He completed his higher education and training in the USA in the fields of theatre, television, speech arts and intercultural relations; He has worked as a researcher, lecturer, and theater director at CC College, Maryland, George Washington, and Catholic Universities; he directed many games.

He married Professor Güneş Ege in 1987.

He worked on different cultural issues in South African countries for 2 years.

He started living and working in Canada in 1988. He furthered his sculpture work. He founded Studio-Rumi International. He exhibited workshops on his individual and corporate development in America, Spain, Hungary and France. A total of 13 books, 6 of which were translated, were published in English, Hungarian and Turkish. In addition, Turgut A. Akter has more than 40 music videos on various topics published on the Internet. You can find them on Youtube.

You can find detailed information about Turgut A. Akter's books on Google and Apple iBooks.

Turgut A. Akter
Turgut A. Akter